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"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; So help me God."

World Wars and Korea



Brown, Ralph

Con, J.C.

Bush, Frank


Haymon, Willie R. “Bill”, PFC

Army - 3 April 1818 – 3 February 1919

 Battery B 52nd Field Artillery



Querry, Emmett Clyde, Corporal

Army – 9 Sept. 1917 – 18 June 1919

 Headquarters Co. 357th Infantry, 90th Division,

American Expeditionary Force St Mihiel Meuse Argonne




Blubaugh, Buelle D.

Bowles, Melvin

Cathey, Lewis

Deem, Fredrick L.

Gillespie, Max S.

Gray, Clyde T.

Hampton, Richard

Heldenbrand, Ronald E.

Howell, Dwight

Cpl. Jones, Melvin Dean

Army 1941 - 1943

66th Signal Battalion

Killed in New Guinea

McWilliams, Harold

Peck, Tracy E.

Prickett, Lloyd

Threlkeld, Horace

Bowers, Lyle

Corbett, Houston

Danielson, Joe

Foudray, Demosthenes

Glaze, Jack O.

Gray, Gerald L.

Harold, William R.

Hembree, Jack L.

Inda, Frank R.

Mahoney, Eugene R.

Moss, Dearmond R.

Powell, Lester

Tharp, Warren J.

Ward, Donald F.


Silver Star Recipients

Glenn Strange, WWII


Lester Snow WWII  

Brian Conaghan

Congaghan, Brian Frances  PVT 1

Army ‘44-46 Heavy Weapons 

Japanese Language School U of Minn & Yale

Army of Occupation Japan Medal

WWII Victory Medal


Army 46-47  T4  MP

Counter Intell  Investigatar 301

WD CIR 118

Carr, Max


Gravel, Amos

Gravel, Claude


Thomas, Heath

Army WWII/Silver Star Korea


Served With Honor


Hunter, Bert Leroy

Army – North Africa/ Purple Heart  Anzio


Hunter, Amos  Francis

Air Force –  Hawaii

McKee, Clark

Need more infomation



Harold Francis Swords  

Cheif Master Sergeant RET. 

Air Force

Class of 1942




Querry, Kenneth Jay, M SGT.

Class of  '41

Army Air Corp – WWII and Korea

Engineer – Gunner

Air Medal for “meritorious achievement during aerial combat

against the enemy.  Served in Italy, Germany and Austria


John Smith

SFC (T) John Smith Class of 1939

Army 1944-1945 

Carpenter, Squadran Leade.  Tec 4  

Rhineland Campaign Germany /Belgium  Feb 8- March 21 1945 GO 40 WD 45

 WWIII Victory Medal, Good Conduct, Bronze Service Star, American Theator Ribbon, Sharpshooter



Webb, Coburn Gray

Class on 1945

Air Corps 1945


Williams, Clint

Marines 1944 -1945


Wiliams, Doug


Williams, Richard E.

Class of “45

Army 1945-1946

Korea 1950 - 1953

  Silver Star  

 Chandler, Woodrow First Lieutenant

Class of ‘36

Army (Infantry)


Heath, Thomas Henry First Lieutenant

February 24, 1918 – September 21, 1951

Class of ‘38



Daniel Lee Blubaugh

November 3 , 1929 – August 1952

Class of ‘47

Marine Corps

Bob Bolick

March 2, 1926 – October 14, 1951

Class of ‘44

Marine Corps


Thomas Henry Heath

Class of ‘38

Army – Killed at Heartbreak Ridge




Allen, Homer

Class of ‘34

Air Force


Beck, Dan

Class of ‘48



Bray, Lonnie

Class of ‘48



 Casper, J.W.

Class of ‘51


Brian Conaghan


Conaghan, Brian

Army 1946-1947

T/4,  MP, Counter Intelligiance Investigator 301

WD CIR 118

Charlotte Cooley

Cooley, Charlotte

Class of ‘44

2nd Lieutenant

Transport Nurse Tokyo to West Coast 


Cross, Richard

Class of ‘53



Evans, Clovis

Class of ‘48



Gordon, Byfield

Class of ‘38

Air Force


Howell, Bob

Class of ‘48

Marine Corps


Irwin, J.D.

Class of ‘53



Jefferson, Bob

Class of ‘51



Kendall, Jack

Class of ‘48

Air Force


Laws, Laverne

Class of ‘48

Army 1952 -1954


Lyall, J.D

Class of ‘51



Martin, Francis Gene

Class of ‘52

Marine Corps


Mayfield, James

Class of ‘48



McKenzie, Bill

Class of ‘49



 McMullen J.W.

Class of ‘48



 Medina, Vincent

Class of ‘48



 Miller, Gordon

Class of ‘51



Noles, Billy Ray

Class of ‘44

Marine Corps


Neely, Harold

Class of ‘45

Air Force


Neely, Lloyd

Class of ‘52

Air Force

Olmstead, Donald

Class of ‘53


Querry, Jamie Leon “Jim”, SGT

Class of ‘46

Army - 1952 -1954


Rhoten, Gale T Jr.

Class of ‘52



Rogers, Dick

Class of ‘48



Schatz, Jim

Class of ‘52


Ryan, Daniel  

Class of 1939



Shorter, Ivan Leroy

Class of ‘51



Thomas, Robert

Class of ‘48



Thompson, Robert Leon

Class of ‘47



Vines, Harry

Class of ‘53



Weeks, Jerry Dean

Class of ‘50



Wheeler, E.E. (Gene)

Class of ‘49



White, George J.

Class of ‘51



Williams, Doug

Class of ‘37



Youell, William L

Class of ‘36



Rothgeb, James R.

Army 1952 – 1954

Cales, Jack 

Class of ‘50

Army 1954-1956 Alaska


Vietnam Conflict 1955 – 1975



Marion Lee Dirickson   

January 8, 1948 – June 3, 1967

Small Arms Fire –  Que Son Valley


Donald Ray Mock

September 23, 1948 - May 5, 1968

Explosive Device - Quang Tri


Larry Glenn Massey

November 24, 1948 - June 20, 1968

Wounded in action - Go Cong


John Clarence Strome

February 23, 1944 - August 25, 1968

Small Arms Fire -Tay Ninh



Baily, James


Berry, Woody  

Army 1962-1963

Brown, Robert

Army 1967-1969   


Burns, Bill

Army 1961  



Byers, Bill

Class of ‘60

USN Pilot

Carruth, Jerry

Class of ‘59

Army 1967-1968

Carter, Robert Jr.

Class of ‘58

Carter, Tom

Class of ‘59

Army 1967-1969

Case, Bryan

Class of ‘66

Case, Danny Jr.  

Class of ‘67        

Marine 1968

Cisneros, Robert

Class of ‘60 

Army 1972                      

Clemens, Charles

Class of ‘67 

Marines 1967   



Coates, Hank

Class of ‘68

Navy 1968

Cochran, Claudie

Class of ‘65 

Army   1965


Lael Easterling

Easterling, Lael

Class of ‘64

Navy 1968


Etzel, Fred

Class of ‘61

Army 1968

Goodpasture, Dennis

Class of ‘66

Army 1968-1970


Houser, Jerry

Class of ‘60

Air Force 1962-1965

Howe, Guy Russell

Class of ‘667

Howeth, Leslie

Class of ‘63

Humphries, Craig  

Class of ‘66

Air Force F6 Fighter Jet Pilot



Knight, John

Class of ‘62

Air Force 1968-1974 

Knight newspaper

Laws, Chick   

Class of ‘67          

Linton, Louie

Class of ‘56

Navy 1967-1969

Linton, Jim

Class of ‘68

Navy 1968-1969

Linton, John

Class of ‘66 

Army 1968-1969

Lorg, Arthur

Class of ‘65

Army 1966

Lucas, John 

Class of ‘69

Army 1969

Mayfield, James

Class of ‘48 

Navy 1963-1965

McAninch, Joe

Class of ‘63

 Air Force 1968


McCarter, Louis

Class of ‘58 

Captain – Army Jag Corps 1965-1968

Viet Nam January1967 – January 1968


Miller, Dennis

Class of ‘66

Air Force1967-1968

Mills, Pat

Class of ‘66

Navy 1966

Neely, Robert   

Class of ‘67 

Army 1969-1970

Olmstead, Donald

Class of ‘53

Army 1965-1967

Pickard, Jim  


Osburn, Melvin

Army 1970-1971


Querry, Jack, SP5 (E5)

Class of ‘54

Army, 18 Sept 1962 – 17 Sept. 1964


Schatz, Dale

Class of ’69

Marines 1971-1972


Schatz, Mike  De

Class of ‘67


Served 33 years as Recon Marine, Viet Nam

Navy Corpsman, Desert Storm

Special Forces Aidman/light weapons, truck driver

medic, Army Nurse Corp, O/IC (observation/instructor controller), Enduring Freedom


David Shedd

Shedd, David 


Class of ‘68

Smith, Larry

Class of ‘65


Army 1967-1968

Smitheisler, Jim



Navy  1964 – 1985


Stokesberry, Philip 

Army 1967-1970

Tah, Francis



Teten, Allen    

Army 1969-1970

Vines, Harry 


Wano, Joe


Wano, Larry   

Army 1967-1968


Watson, Lynn

Class of ‘65

Navy 1968  – 1978 

Viet Nam 1970-1971 aboard the the Navy minesweeper USS Implicit, MSO 455. \"Wooden ships and iron men, where the fleet goes, we have been.\" Four years of service on USS Implicit. Two years of service on USS Juneau LPD 10. Electronics Technician 2nd Class, Cryptographic Specialist. 


USS Implicit     

West, Tim  

Army 1969

 LTC Williams, Mike

Class of ’62

Army - Medical Service Corps

Viet Nam 1966

Korea 1967 – 1968

National Guard 1969 -1986


Wood, Chuck  Jr.                    

Marines 1970


Ailey, Danny

Marine 1973 -1975

Ailey, Don

Ailey, Larry

Ailey, Wesley

Class of ‘62 – Army

Ailey, Wilson

Altom, Jon

Ascue, Chris

Bailey, James

Bolick, Mike


Bray, Gary Brig. Gen. (Ret)

Class of “65

National Guard 1964 -2008

Bray, Glenn

National Guard

 Bray, Ken

Class of ‘61 – National Guard Colonel


 Bray, Lonnie Col. (Ret)

Class of ‘48

National Guard

Bray, Mike

Brining, Bill

Brining, Joseph Thomas

Class of '60

National Guard 1965 – 1972

13E20 Specialist 5

Bufford, Dick

Burns, Danny

Class of ‘62

National Guard 1962 – 1983

Burns, Edgar

National Guard

Campbell, Robert

Cathey, Dale

Cathey, Kenneth

Class of ‘62


Chaney, Jesse

Army Security Agency 1965 – 1969

(Okinawa ‘66-'67; Petaluma, California ‘68; Turkey’68 -  ‘69)

Clark, Gary

Coats, Kenneth

Colombe, Robert Bryant

Class of ‘64

National Guard  1966 – 1968 Germany

Billy Ray Cross

Cross, Billy Ray Class of ‘63

Navy ‘65-’69 Motarboat Operator

Cross, Ed

Crumrine, Calvin

Curl, Kenneth

Davis, Garry

Diemer, Bob

Diemer, Jerry

Dowler, Kenny

Dunn, James

Class of ‘62

Evans, Jack

Fairless, Dennis

Fehrenbach, Bill

Fehrenback, Jim

Class of ‘63 – National Guard

Fiskin, Steve

Class of ‘61

Frieling, Weldon

 Gard, Terry

Gatz, Floyd D. – National Guard

Joyce Gessel

Gessel, Joyce

Marine Corps 2nd Lt.  

Glasgow, Randy R

Class of ‘57

National Guard 1957-1964

Hall, Max


Hise, Jack


Hise, Joe

Air Force


Howard, Ira

Class of ‘68

Humphries, Benny

Humphries, Frank

Humphries, John

Hunter, Jebb

Class of ‘59

Army 82nd Airborn 1959 – 1960

Impson, Fred

Jefferson, Walter


Jeffries, Alan

Marine Corps


Jeffries, Chet

Marine Corps


Jeffries, Jay

Marine Corps

Johnson, Jerry

Class of ‘61

National Guard

Jones, Buddy

Jones, Clinton

U.S. Navy

Jones, Lee

Jones, Roland

Army National Guard SFC


Lansdowne, Lloyd

Lansdown, Lynn

Legg, Jim

Class of ‘62 – National Guard

Legg, Jerry

National Guard

Lindsey, DeWayne

Looper, Fred

Class of  ‘61

National Guard 1960 – 1980

Lorg, Greg

Lorg, Randy

Lutes, Harold

McAninch, Mike

Class of ‘61 - National Guard

McKinnis, Eddie 

Air Force

McNitt, Gary

Myers, Jim

Class of ‘65

Army 1970 -1973


Mills, George C.

Army & National Guard

Morgan, Ellis

Mourer, Ron

Myers, Jim

Noles, Don

Army National Guard

Sp4 O’Mealey, Garry

Army 1963 -65  Germany

Orsburn, Delbert

Orsburn, Robert D.

Air Force

Parrot, Bob

Class of ‘61

National Guard

Parrot, Tom

Pedigo, Terry

Powell, Charles

Class of ‘61

Preslesnick, Brad

Class of '60

National Guard 1971 -1985

Prelesnick, Terry

Class of ‘62

National Guard

Ramey, John

Rogers, Jack

National Guard

Rupe, Darrell

Rupe, Wesley Neal

Shackelford, Mickey

Class of “61

Sills, Bobby

Slavens, Robert


Smotherman, Fred

Class of ‘70

Army Germany 1972  – 1974


LTC Swafford, Jim

Class of “61

National Guard 1960 – 1987

Swords, Marie

Vincent, Bob

Class of ‘61- National Guard

Walton, John

Walton, Glen


Weeks, Robert

Class of ‘68

E5 Communications Specialist

Army 1969 -1971 Korea

Wood, Bill













Granada, 1983; Panama, 1989; Desert Shield, 1990; Desert Storm, 1991; Iraqi Freedom, 2003; Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), 2001


Allen, Donald – Panama


Case, Todd

Class of ‘86



Cook, Zachery



Corbin, Todd


Durbin, Cody


Durbin, Joe



Esch, James Brad


Class of ‘87

Marines 1987 – 2007


Impson, Andy




Jarvis, Dakota

Class of 2006

Army Oct. 2005 – Oct. 2011

2010-2011-Operation Enduring Freedom

2007-2008-Operation Iraqi Freedom

Infantry Squad Leader

Purple Heart w/ Oakleaf Cluster, Numerous Army

Commendation Medals,  Numerous Army Achievement Medals

Combat Infantry Badge, Expert marksman


 LeValley Josh, MAJ. 

Class of ‘94


Iraq 2004, 2006, 2007


Richards, Casey


Pando, Tony


Ross, Chase 1st Lt.

Class of 2000

Army Dec. 2002- Dec. 2013

CH-47 Chinook Pilot

Afghanistan Sept. 2012 – July 2013


Ross, Clint


Ross, Todd


Schatz, Dale


Schatz, David

Class of ‘65


Schatz, Mike

Class of “67

Navy Corpsman, Desert Storm

Special Forces Aidman/light weapons, truck driver

medic, Army Nurse Corp, O/IC (observation/instructor controller), Enduring Freedom


Spencer, Jared


Stricklin, Tim



Stricklin, Jason



Olmstead, Bennie


Vincent Berry

Vincent, Barry Col (Ret)

Legion of Merit, Army  National Guard.


Walton, Johnny

Class of ‘72

Navy 1972 – 1993

Persion Gulf 1974 – 1976

NASA 1993 –

Williams, Les

Class of '86

USMC 1988 – 1992

MOS 3043 H&S CO


Willis, Robert

Willis, Robert

Class of ‘85

5th Special Forces - Persian Farsi Linguist

Five Deploys - Iraq and Afghanistan

Presently serving  from  Schofield Barracks



Coyle, Stephen

Class of ;88

Navy 1988 – 1992

Navy Reserves 1992 – 1996


Colonel Legg, John (Ret)

National Guard

 Oklahoma National Guard  1984 – 2019


Cohenour, Cynthia Gorman

Class of 1970

Army National Guard 1976 – 1980


Nesbit, Linda Capt./D.C./USN (RET)

Class of ‘71

Navy Dentist 1988-20011

Volunteered at Guantanamo Bay

Assigned to USS Bataan, USS Harry Truman (OperationIraqi Freedom)

USNS Comfort (Operation Continuing Promise)


Parsons Terry

Army  1992 – 1995

Brad Trantham

Trantham, Brad A.
​B-1 Logistics Management Specialist
WWDGA – 2AB 81A – Pod 089

Class of 1985
USAF Mar 87-Apr 07
Job Series: Munitions Systems Specialist (AMMO)
Deployed Contingency Operations:

Thumrait Air Base, Oman – 1990 (Operation Desert Shield/Storm) – F-15E
Seeb Air Base, Oman – 1990 (Operation Desert Shield/Storm) – Collation Aircraft
Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates  – 1990 (Operation Desert Shield/Storm) - Collation Aircraft
Al Karajh Air Base, Saudi Arabia – 1990-1991 (Operation Desert Shield/Storm) – F-15/16 and F-117s
Incirlik Air Base, Turkey – 1995 (Operation Northern Watch) – F-15E
Thumrait Air Base, Oman – 2001-2002 (Operation Enduring Freedom/Anaconda) – B-1 Bomber

Stateside Supported Contingency Operations:
Dyess Air Force Base, Texas – 1998 (Operation Desert Fox) – B-1 Bomber

Frank Flanery

Flanery, Frank

Class of 1971

Army 8/10/1972 -5/9/1979

Tank Commander, Recon Delta , Special Operations, E6

Herren, Caleb

Herren, Caleb S.
USN 2012-2016
Class of 2011
Assigned to USS John C. Stennis-2012-2016
Operation Enduring Freedom-2012-13
South China Sea-2015-2016


 Caughlin, Michael 

     Class of 2013

​Army National Guard

Dickover, Darin  Marines

    Class of 2013

Hock, John 

Class of 2019 

​Army National Guard

Hurst, Brandon 

Class of 2014

​Army National Guard

Juaregui, Anthony  

    Class of 2014

Army National Guard

Juaregui, Irasen 

   ​Army National Guard

Koch, Patrick

Class of 2014

Nelson, Josh  

Class of 2017

​Army National Guard

Manny Reyes 

  Class pf 2014

​Army National Guard

Thomas, Tanner

   Class of 2019

True, Nicole  

Class of 2018

USN  Seabees