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Kaitlyn Anderson
Anderson, Kaitlyn
3rd Grade Teacher
kanderson@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Misty Bess
Bess, Misty
2nd Grade
mbess@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Braxie Bixler
Bixler, Braxie
bbixler@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Sara Bowman
Bowman, Sara
High School English
skirtley@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Judy Cardwell
Cardwell, Judy
Special Education Director
jcardwell@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Ali Dice Dice, Ali
Special Education
adice@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Donna Doyle
Doyle, Donna
High School English
ddoyle@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Catherine Dyer
Dyer, Catherine
Kindergarten Teacher
cdyer@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Lesley Engle
Engle, Lesley
6th Grade Reading and Language Arts
lengle@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Jayme Evans
Evans, Jayme
Elementary Counselor
View Website
Jill Fath
Fath, Jill
Elementary Reading Specialist
View Website
Stony Fath
Fath, Stony
High School Science/Wrestling Coach
sfath@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
ShaClair Garcia
Garcia, ShaClair
3rd Grade
sgarcia@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Kristy Gilbert
Gilbert, Kristy
kgilbert@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Dale Goodwin
Goodwin, Dale
Agricultural Education
View Website
Monica Grein
Grein, Monica
Mid-High/High School Counselor
mgrein@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Terri Guthrie
Guthrie, Terri
4th Grade
tguthrie@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Wesley Guthrie
Guthrie, Wesley
High School Math
wguthrie@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Jacqualyn Heinrich
Heinrich, Jacqualyn
Mid-Hi Language Arts
jheinrich@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Brady Holland
Holland, Brady
Physical Education
Sonja Honegger
Honegger, Sonja
Special Education
shonegger@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
Scott Howell
Howell, Scott
Mid-High Math/High School Government/Boys Basketball/Track/Baseball
View Website
Dawn Huff
Huff, Dawn
Visual Arts Instructor
View Website
Tonya Jackson
Jackson, Tonya
Special Education
tjackson@tonkawa.k12.ok.usView Website
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